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about the importance of a college education. >> lost san jose parents of angry and frustrated after learning thieves wrecked a massive fundraising effort by stealing ipads stolen from a school over the week. matt, this story is worse. >> yes, they are going to be expensive to replace as parents and students at river gasoline -- glenn are upset. the technology room is not so advanced today. the computers on the on the dese older than the students. 31 new ipads and laptops were on champion station but over the weekend someone took them. >> my kid said, why would someone steal from kids? sad. sad. >> it is terrible. we spent last year fundraising. >> the 60 new laptops and 120 new ipads were behalf of the not enough to meet the deductible so replacements are not coming. 118 are left for 550 students. >> hundreds, maybe thousand thousands of work. it is devastating to the entire community that we lost this, it is a huge amount of money. >> carlos says this puts back the teachers' efforts to get them ready for the start of next year's testing. sometimes the hard lessons are not learned i
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1